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Dathon Ace Limited

World-class services for Eastern Africa aviators

Dathon Ace LTD is an aircraft component overhaul, repair and Spare parts Stockist located at the Desert Locust Control Organisation Hangar in Wilson Airport Nairobi Kenya.

The company is currently approved by The Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia Civil Aviation Authorities and is also pursuing approval by Tanzanian CAA.

Our main service offering is overhauling and repair of aircraft components like propellers, Starter Generators, AC Generators, Blowers and Landing Gear motors amongst others with a team of some of the most experienced components technicians in the region with between 10 and 20 years experience.

The company holds a large variety of repair and overhaul kits to help in quick turnarounds. In addition, the company has loaner starter generators and propellers that they can offer on loan basis to facilitate clients business continuity during peak seasons as their units are being overhauled (subject to availability at the time of requirement)


Approval No.



Approval No.



Approval No.


We are approved by Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia Civil Aviation Authorities.

Founder & CEO

A renowed & experienced captain of industry

David Thuo is the founder and CEO of Dathon Ace Limited. He is a licensed Aircraft engineer with over 20 years experience in senior positions of large and successful aviation companies in Kenya. He also holds an Executive Masters Degree in Aviation Management.

He is is involved in key Aviation Stakeholders forums and has served in several professional bodies including The Kenya Association of Air Operators.

David’s vast experience on different aircraft models has given him a personal touch with the industry needs in terms of quality, quick turnaround times and flexibility.

David is also an avid Marathoner and has taken part in some of the World’s prestigious marathons locally and internationally including 5 of the biggest marathons in the World – The World Marathon Majors – see https://ke.linkedin.com/in/david-thuo- 8597383b

He believes that the hard work, discipline, consistency, good organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail required in running is instrumental in day to day life and comes in handy in the running and operation of a business such as this where nothing is left to chance.

David is passionate about giving back, developing and nurturing teams, mentorship, Individual personal development and service.

Our Departments

We are an aircraft components overhaul & repair specialists

Our modern facility has personnel with over 20 years experience in both propeller and aircraft component overhaul and is fully equipped with modern tooling and equipment.

Propeller workshop

Electrical components workshop

Other services